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Green lighting industry hope the domestic market
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The economic downturn, export orders fell sharply in Europe and the United States, making China's LED lighting industry (decoration effect diagram) to overseas markets mainly fell into a trough. However, in the market fall into hardship on the occasion, the policy the hands stretched out in a timely manner, the State Council has discussed "national basic public service system" 12th Five-Year Plan ", the promotion of LED lighting to provide 22 million yuan subsidy, which means that the LED and other appliances become one of the tools to promote consumption, expanding domestic demand, this green LED lighting industry is in trouble, no doubt is a stimulant.
Many accept the Nanfang Daily reporter interviewed people in the industry have pointed out, the domestic LED lighting market has great potential, once the real start, will drive the industry re-entered the business cycle. LED lighting companies should adjust strategies in a timely manner, the market shift to the domestic market.
The export orders Heavy percent
Similar to the photovoltaic industry, LED lighting industry in China has always been two outstanding: core raw materials and technology from overseas, the market is concentrated in Europe and the United States, China LED lighting industry is mainly concentrated in the downstream packaging end. Relevant statistics show that 80% of the domestic LED enterprises are export-oriented.
Due to the economic downturn in Europe and the United States, sales of LED lighting products in overseas markets continue to decline. Learned from a number of LED lighting companies, starting from the second half of last year, these enterprises overseas orders will be in declining to enter the more obvious this year, the trend of decline in orders.
Europe and the United States this year, the market situation is particularly grim, four orders. "BCX, Shenzhen Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Caiya Hui told reporters. Another in Dongguan LED lighting business executives also revealed to reporters over half of shrinking orders from Europe.
Can feel from the recently concluded 111th Canton Fair, the export situation is grim. Orders compared to the same period last year sharply reduced the general decline in more than 30%, and the price is also low for some orders would not dare pick a LED business exhibitors from Jiangmen (decoration renderings), told the Nanfang Daily reporters.
The listed companies are often industry leaders from the annual reports of listed companies in the LED lighting industry leader nor comfortable. 12 LED lighting listed companies, only the ground on the photoelectric Liantronics two maintained a growth rate of slightly improve, another growth rate of 10 enterprises have varying degrees of decline, Mason Technologies performance even zero growth.
Guangzhou International Lighting Fair founder Guangya Lighting Research Institute Pan Wenbo told reporters, LED lighting companies in China's exports in the second half of this year due to the still uncertain economic situation in Europe and the United States, may be even worse.
The industry is in the winter, the reshuffle will be inevitable. Guangzhou International Lighting Fair as a barometer of the global lighting industry, the data also shows signs of industry reshuffle. Pan Wenbo revealed that, the exhibition area of ​​the 17th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition held in June this year than last year to expand 10%, reaching a record high of 220,000 square meters, but the number of enterprises decreased by 10% over last year, was reduced to 2600 from 2900 home, are beginning to show the improvement of corporate concentration, industry reshuffle.
Policy push hands to start the domestic market
Faced with this grim situation, the LED lighting business will pin their hopes on the start of the domestic market.
The end of last year, the National Development and Reform Commission published the "China out of incandescent roadmap", decided that from October 1, 2012, banned the sale and import of 100 watts and above normal lighting incandescent; October 1, 2016, the ban on the sale and import 15 watts and above ordinary lighting incandescent. The release of the roadmap, which means incandescent Starting this year will gradually exit the stage of history, the curtain of the domestic LED lighting market is gradually opened.
Pan Wenbo told the Nanfang Daily reporter, currently about $ 15 billion of the national stock of incandescent, annual production and sales of 3.85 billion and 1.07 billion, respectively. "Phasing out incandescent, LED lighting industry and energy-saving lamp industry will form a long-term positive only replace existing incandescent market will reach several hundred billion dollars."
Out incandescent countries to further increase its efforts to support the LED, the LED as soon as possible to replace incandescent. On April 12, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) announced the 2012, the Chinese government will spend 40 billion yuan procurement for LED street lights and LED Street Light users to provide 30% of the financial subsidies. Guangdong Province has also introduced provisions from March of this year, all financial investment in the construction of the lighting project and new planning area in the field of public lighting, all LED lighting products.
State Council discussion on May 16 by the national basic public service system, the 12th Five-Year Plan ", will come up with 22 billion yuan to support the promotion of energy-saving lamps and LED lights.
The introduction of a series of favorable policies, is of great significance to the start of the domestic LED lighting market. Experts predict that, by 2020, the share of the LED lighting market in China will reach 80%, the world's largest LED lighting market, the market size will exceed one trillion yuan.
The cost reduction is the market start key
An ordinary LED lights, hundreds to a few hundred dollars, such a high price, and the vast majority of consumers out. To really start the domestic LED lighting market, reduce costs quickly become the key.
LED civilian market penetration is only about 5%. Hinder large-scale application of LED lighting products, a major factor is the price, once the cost of LED lighting is a substantial decline, is bound to promote LED lighting products to accelerate universal. "The former chairman of the Shanghai Illuminating Engineering Society Professor Zhang Cong Hai Nanfang Daily reporter said.
Pan Wenbo also pointed out in an interview with reporters, two years in about 20% of the annual rate of decline of the LED lamps cost. This is achieved in the size of the market is not great circumstances. Once the size of the market blowout, the cost of the rate of decline will be faster. Estimates, the LED chip total lighting costs by nearly 60% the optical chip price cuts will be able to drive the lamps cost dropped by nearly 50%; coupled with the popularity of packaging technology upgrading and cost-efficient drive circuit, lamps cost can be reduced to 30% -40% LED to replace 40-watt incandescent bulb price dropped to 20-30 yuan; street fell slightly smaller, but the price can be reduced to a thousand or so mainstream, to help accelerate the penetration of LED lighting in the civilian market. '
Shanghai Sansi Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Wang Ying-hua said that the decline in chip prices speed is very fast; cooling and drive cost reduction will be slower, but also a year in decline. LED lighting costs fell potential is great. "
However, Pan Wenbo also said that the lack of core technology, the stumbling block is the rapid decline in the cost of LED. State support for the LED lighting industry, should, on the one hand to support the application side; should be more critical to promote breakthroughs in core technology to master their own intellectual property rights. "
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