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Zhuhai city overpass meticulously landscape lighting project
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WASHINGTON (Liu Yigang Wu Huan the) city urban interchange (JMC Longwangmiao Interchange) Interchange landscape lighting engineering as 2012 the city a major focus of the project, which was started on September 28, is expected to be completed in December. The project is divided into road lighting, landscape lighting, construction Longwangmiao Interchange Jiangling Interchange, the liberation of East Road.
Landscape lighting:
Visual feast of cultural bridge
Jiangling overpass, Longwangmiao overpass, road centralized bridges up and down overlapping and criss-cross, reasonable arrangement of lamps avoid glare affect driving. The two bridges are full-color LED series lamps for energy saving and environmental protection, the projected light source modeling simple, modern, continuous equally spaced strengthen the rhythm of the bridge, the vitality of the sensory and motor Dancing pavilions, and fully display the of Jiangling overpass Longwangmiao the overpasses's unique night landscape style. By the light of the construction of the overpass night scene to become a cultural bridge, a visual feast, the impact of the fire of the soul; fully tap the lighting language the Nanchang, historical and cultural heritage and red culture, shaping the bridge cultural image; through rational planning, choose a low-carbon, energy-saving, environmental lighting applications, to show the charm of the City of Life.
Overpass by large, strong lighting interpretation, reflects the elegance of the modern metropolis; through the use of new materials, new technologies and dynamic elements, to show the dynamism of the modern city of beauty, to reflect the characteristics of the city of green low-carbon leader; using lights language sketched bridges , pier, bridge side of the bridge, which is truly a unique charm.
The transformation of the city overpass landscape lighting project landscape lighting design, reasonable economy, energy saving and environmental protection, safe and reliable, easy to install, and easy maintenance. The project includes replacing defective lighting facilities, replace existing traditional light sources, LED lights transform the existing aging lines and lighting control, and other supporting facilities.
Longwangmiao Interchange:
Highlight the beautiful environment to enhance the city's image
Prominent characteristic of the modern city, with the overall ambience of the surrounding combined of Longwangmiao Interchange building structure simple atmospheric features, the Longwangmiao Interchange landscape lighting uses white point light source based color decorative railings, the bridge with the white line sexual floodlights, under bridges side Symphony of Lights, a two-way side emitting pier white condenser Spotlights. Light chiaroscuro highlights the structure and layout of the bridge structure of three-dimensional lighting highlights the beautiful environment, and to enhance the taste of the city.
Bridge with white linear floodlights expanded sense an extension of the bridge, the bridge with the beauty of the flow line; under bridges side using two-way side emitting light of the Symphony of Lights lighting staggered, Yingyingchaochao, filled with elegant ambience; pier with white condenser Spotlights in the form of rays, hazy clearly shines pier; railings round a point source like a string of glittering luster of pearls.
Jiangling Interchange:
Moral finishing touch cohesion boutique culture
To reflect the JMC the overpasses's solemn strong, light handling white condenser Spotlights illuminate the pier around, yellow point light source installed in the form of a multi-level structure. Bridge side arrangement of linear floodlights, this lamp lights shaped long, small cross-sectional area, high luminous intensity side of the bridge placed point source lighting, little halo, hazy and clear to shine. The various forms of the light show, the finishing touch on the in Jiangling overpass original implication embodied Nanchang boutique culture in this show.
Bridge square point light continuous equally spaced, to strengthen the bridge rhythm, Dancing sensory and motor vitality each other; under bridges side the yellow floodlights of linear sketched out the main body of the bridge, expansion of the extension of the light sense, so that the bridge showing streamlines beauty; pier with white concentrating the form of rays cast light, hazy clearly shines pier.
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