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New lighting technology will be highly "money" way
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Electricity for lighting in China accounted for 12% of the electrical energy consumed, there is great potential for savings. Can point 50 years since an efficient and green all-solid-state light-emitting device will now follow a century is expected to replace traditional incandescent new lighting since Edison invented the incandescent lamp in 1879, in addition to the changed tungsten filament material from the original bamboo fiber outside basic form is still in use.
Although the more efficient fluorescent lamps, but still can not be separated from the electrodes and tubes. Today, an all-solid-state light-emitting devices semiconductor light-emitting diode (LED) and organic light-emitting diode (OLED) has taken the lead in the field of special lighting to show their talents, further improve the electro-optical conversion efficiency, reduce costs, and general lighting areas of energy will become effective technical approach .
In recent years, the world's three major lighting industrial giant General Electric, Philips, Osram have set up semiconductor lighting company, such as Japan, the United States, the European Union, South Korea launched semiconductor lighting plan. In June last year, China's Ministry of Science and Technology department set up jointly by the National Semiconductor Lighting Project Coordination Leading Group and start the project. In March of this year, 14 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Liang-Hui Chen recommended that solid-state lighting included in the national medium-and long-term science and technology development planning. A battle to seize emerging semiconductor lighting industry high ground, has been started in the world.
The new lighting technology "money" will go a long way
Solid-state lighting God where. All-solid-state light-emitting device as a light source lighting technology, in fact, not a new thing. Semiconductor light-emitting diode (LED) backlit instrumentation displays, mobile phones and digital cameras, full-color display (such as Square screen) application has long been familiar, and special lighting applications. Addition to the traffic lights, signal lights, signs, lights, car lights have been commercialized, for example, with the improvement of living standards of the people, indoor night long light, public green and villas garden lawn light, the buildings landscape lights are also favored.
The great thing about this lamp is that: the low voltage power supply, long service life, we can choose to issue a red, green, blue, also can emit white light, but also very power-saving. Followed centuries of incandescent comparison, at the same brightness, the power consumption is only one-tenth of the life span of up to 100 times, is a fluorescent lamp 10 times. Six hours to one day point, a semiconductor light available 50 years, a lifetime does not take two lights. Its photoelectric conversion efficiency than incandescent, it is not and fluorescent lamps, 10 years later, is expected to achieve 1.5 times that of fluorescent lamps.
As early as 40 years ago, researchers found in experiments to the semiconductor crystals encapsulated in transparent epoxy resin energized, current driven negative electrons into the positively charged holes and release energy, generate photon glow red or green light, but the light-emitting very weak, and can only be used for the electronic clock or calculator; issued there until AlGaInP semiconductor bright red.
With the breakthrough of the third generation of semiconductor material gallium nitride, and the advent of blue and white light emitting diode, greatly promoted the formation of the semiconductor lighting industry development to the direction of full-color, high brightness. The experts predicted that the semiconductor technology following triggered the microelectronics industry revolution, in turn gave birth to a new industrial revolution in lighting revolution, its logo is the semiconductor light will gradually replace incandescent and fluorescent lamps.
Solid-state lighting market attractive. Liang-Hui Chen the academicians had an account: In 2003, the national power generation capacity of 1.91 trillion kwh (degrees), which the lighting electricity accounted for 12, 229 200 000 000 degrees. Calculated in accordance with the annual growth rate of 5 to 2010, electricity for lighting was $ 322.5 billion. Solid-state lighting electricity only in accordance with the same brightness incandescent tenth and replace one-third of the incandescent calculated will then be able to save about 100 billion kWh of electricity for lighting. The Three Gorges Project, the total duration of 17 years, all built to take 20 years, static, dynamic total investment of 300 billion yuan, after the completion of an annual generating capacity of 84.68 billion. 15 years, 5 billion to 10 billion yuan investment in the development of solid-state lighting industry, the Three Gorges Project is equivalent to only 5 input recreating a green Three Gorges Project.
Depicts a bright future in the the semiconductor illumination country established by the U.S. Department of Energy research projects, to the solid-state lighting: 2010 55 incandescent, fluorescent lamps are replaced, electricity for lighting the United States in 2025 (now 600 billion) to reduce by half ; from 2000 to 2020, the use of solid-state lighting can be accumulated to 258 million tons of carbon pollutants emissions, reduce the construction of 133 one million kilowatts of power plants, saving expenditure of $ 115 billion, the formation of the light source of $ 50 billion a year industry, but also brought millions of high-quality jobs. Japan plans to scale semiconductor light in 2006 to replace incandescent, energy saving equivalent to twelve nuclear power station, an annual savings of more than 10 kilograms of raw uranium consumption.
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