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Civil LED price cut still have to etc. LED financial subsidies commercial lighting enterprise won the bid
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Morning News (correspondent reporter Wu Jing Ye Sciascia) has always been noble LED lights now to be cast aside. Reporter learned that, in August, winning LED lighting projects to promote Xiamen Donglin, three safety optoelectronics, Topstar Lighting 3 companies, has officially received the Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology issued "to organize the year 2012 the financial subsidies semiconductor lighting products to promote the work of the notice. "
According to the documents, three companies in Xiamen the promotion limit the total amount of LED lighting products in the year 2012 a total of 800,000, the total among the nation's municipalities in the forefront. Sales promotion quota in accordance with the relevant policies of the countries enjoy subsidies.
"This year, the government spent 22 billion yuan to subsidize LED lights unprecedented intensity, this bid can at least let some of the projects in our province docking." Donglin Jia Qiang, chairman admitted that the bid is more like a get orders. "certificate, which definitely is a great opportunity for Donglin Electronics.
Two years ago, government subsidies for big efforts to promote energy-saving lamps, the Donglin electronic energy-saving lamps per year growth of more than 50% of the sales in the domestic market, Jia Qiang sees LED lights for the first time this year, access to promotion opportunities, pull the LED industry will be the whole industry, not only downstream lighting manufacturers can benefit from upstream chip manufacturers will also usher in the positive.
It is reported that domestic LED lamp price from tens of dollars to a hundred dollars range, compared to the much higher price of a dozen ordinary energy-saving lamps. From successful start in August, there is a lot of speculation that the LED lights can be reduced to a minimum of 18 million, but the LED lights to buy at this price, the public had to wait.
"This is mainly for commercial indoor lighting, as the consumption of the general public is still too high," said Mr. Huang Donglin Electronics in charge of this project, has been issued the Implementation Measures, but specific details have not come out, but can be determined civilian LED price cuts not so fast.
800,000 limit, the industry said the total lot, but the ability of the business to digestion is also an issue. Said the man in charge of an enterprise, Xiamen Commercial LED market potential compared to Shenzhen and other places are limited, enterprises for the national market, may also consider the greater potential market.
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